After almost 20 years in elder services, I found myself out of work due to a merger.  It was rather unexpected so it took me a while to figure out what direction I was going to move in going forward. As I pondered over all of my options I needed something to keep me busy and involved in my down time.  I saw that All Care was looking for someone to help in the office. This seemed like a good way to move away from direct service yet still help out a very worthwhile cause.

I had an idea of what to expect from volunteering at All Care but I was still touched by the level of dedication and devotion that I witnessed within the Interdisciplinary teams.  The nurses, social workers, doctors, chaplains and other disciplines show a high level of respect for their patients, patients family and friends as well as one another.

I am so pleased that I am able to offer some assistance to those who go above and beyond to assist people during a difficult time in their lives.