Consider This…

A visit from you could be the bright spot in someone’s day. Someone who has stories to share. Someone who wants affirmation that his life has meaning. Think about how you want to invest your time and talent. Then think, “All Care Hospice” We are ready to help you make a difference that you won’t soon forget!

All Care Hospice relies on its volunteers, they are truly the heart of our hospice program!


Volunteers Do So Many Things!

Hold a hand. Use a computer. Address envelopes. Feed a pet. Make a speech. Help collect donations. Listen to cherished memories. Make phone calls. Bake a cake. Plan a golf tournament. Pat a shoulder. Give a hug. Touch a heart.

Each volunteer opportunity is unique and varies depending on the patient and family’s needs and the volunteer’s availability and interests. Patient care may include providing companionship through conversation, reading aloud, reminiscing, watching movies or television, and doing crafts or journaling. Other duties aid the caregiver by running errands such as grocery shopping and trips to the pharmacy, light housekeeping or meal preparation, or providing respite care for the patient. Other administrative tasks involve assembling admission packets, assisting with mailings, photocopying and special event preparation.

Volunteers do not have to provide medical or personal care to the patients and designate when and where they are assigned. All volunteers need to complete a basic hospice volunteer orientation program. Hospice Volunteer Training Classes are offered at no cost on a regular basis and volunteers are awarded a certificate of completion to keep for future endeavors.

Who Can Volunteer for Hospice?

Hospice volunteers are men and women of all ages, including teens and young adults, of every background. Volunteers need not have special expertise in healthcare or ministry, although these are welcome. The greatest gift a volunteer can offer is their time, caring nature and willingness to listen!

While there are many people helping All Care Hospice, we need even more! Please download our VOLUNTEER FORM to inquire about All Care Hospice Volunteer Opportunities or contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 781-244-1129.

Volunteer Training Sessions

Please call our Volunteer Coordinator at 781-244-1129 for more information about our volunteer training sessions.