Read stories about patients who have received home health care services from All Care and the caregivers and staff who’ve supported them.

About 3 years ago when my mother was returning from rehab, she received OT, PT, and nursing through All Care. We were extremely pleased with everyone who worked with her, Christina and Michelle her nurses, Eliza her occupational therapist, and Andrea her physical therapist. My mother continued to be in and out of hospitals and rehabs and All Care continues to provide for her outpatient needs. Andrea was the one person who followed my mother through all of her ups and downs, patiently reminding her how to walk safely when she would hold on to furniture to keep her balance and encouraging her to try different exercises. She and Eliza also gave us suggestions for how to keep my mother safe.

Last spring, I was informed that I needed a hip replacement and I was in excruciating pain. The whole idea of another replace surgery (I had already had 2 knees done) was quite daunting. Andrea was here working with my mother and after she completed my mother’s exercises she sat with me and explained what I could expect after the surgery. She told me that she would be here the next day to being therapy and the conversation we had made me feel less nervous but also supported knowing that she would be here so quickly after I came home.

I did have surgery and the night I returned home from the hospital I received a call from Andrea telling me that she would be out the next day as she had promised. She encouraged me and allayed my fears as this was all new to me and I really did not know what to expect. In addition, the nurses who treated my incisions were wonderful.

Andrea is a consummate professional, yet she is compassionate, funny, persistent, and extremely knowledgeable. I am very grateful for all the work she did with my mother and myself and wanted to acknowledge an outstanding member of your staff.


Recently I had knee surgery; my first was in February and the second was in April, both times I had the pleasure of being cared for by All Care VNA. My physical therapist, Emma, was excellent, she really listens to her patients. She is a very caring person. With Emma’s help I am making great progress and I am starting out patient PT this week. Thank you again for your services!


I want to thank the wonderful people who helped me. They set up good workable times, they gave expert services, and they were always reassuring and encouraging. Here’s a great big thank you from me to Diane, RN, Robin, PT, Donna, PT, and Marty, ST. YOU ARE THE BEST! I’m so grateful to have had your help.


I fell and fractured my left hip. I just want to say how helpful all the nurses and physical therapists who helped me recover from my accident were. They were kind, very helpful, and respectful. I would recommend this company to anyone.

The nurses and physical therapist were excellent! I don’t know what I would have done without them. I had quite a few setbacks and Kelly (nurse) contacted my doctors and got me the help I needed. I appreciate your kindness and concern. Thank you again!


I am a current client and was recently released from the PT program. I wanted to be sure that my therapist, Suzanne, is recognized somehow for her work. She is truly a fabulous PT and I know without a doubt that without her I would not have achieved my current level of movement and endurance.

When I came out of rehab after more than 2 months in the hospital, I was in bad shape, both physically and emotionally. At first I couldn’t even move my legs, and felt that Suzanne was a drill sergeant who made me hurt and tired. But she quickly became someone I wanted to please. I wanted her to be proud of me. I could tell that she felt invested in me…that I was not “just” a client…that my progress mattered to her. I feel lucky to have had her work with me.


Just a few words to let All Care know how pleased I was with physical therapist Jessica O’Gorman’s skill and patience. She is an outstanding, personable physical therapist who is a valuable asset to the agency. I consider myself fortunate that Jessica imparted the importance of diligence regarding my road to improvement. Together we made great progress.