I am writing about the care that your company has given to my mother…We have had Patricia for over 4 years now and my mother and I couldn’t be happier with the care she has given her, She loves Patricia and looks forward to each of her visits.

Patricia is a true professional regarding her care for people. She notices what may need attention with my mother and always lets me know. Her assistance around the house is what my mother needs especially with the bathing part. They have grown very close and my mother said she wouldn’t know what she would have done without Patricia…since she has had Patricia, the house is operating perfectly allowing my mother to stay and enjoy her home and neighbors a lot longer.

We would like to send a big THANK YOU for all the professionals like Patricia you have in your company and here’s to many more years of service!


Being able to have the home health aides come and visit my mom (92) and dad (95) has been invaluable, they are worth their weight in gold! Some days, the aides are the only visitors my parents have so the companionship they provide, above and beyond their regular duties, is really what sets their service apart.

The consistency of the aides allows my parents to forge friendships with them and helps to alleviate any confusion when new people come into the home, which can cause a lot of anxiety. The aides are able to calm any fears or confusion simply with their comforting presence and through the comradery they’ve built together. It is a real calling to be able to work with the elderly and to act as a caregiver, but it is a true gift for those who are recipients of their care.

We are so grateful for the support and friendship provided to my parents and are so appreciative of the dedication of All Care Resources!


I would like to tell you about the wonderful experiences my family had with All Care Resources. My father had difficulties with Alzheimer’s and always reminded me that he wanted to remain in his home.

The home care aides were caring and always found a way to add a smile to my Dad’s face regardless of the circumstances. Whether it was helping him swinging a golf club in the backyard or listening to his favorite Patti Page music, the service was excellent. They made sure he was eating properly and that he was always kept safe and clean. As we increased his service levels, we found that a live in aide was much less money than the restricted nursing home that the hospital recommended.

Thank You to all the kind and compassionate workers that allowed my dad to stay at home!