Recovering at Home after a Hip Replacement

Barbara Kulevich of Marblehead leads an active life dividing her time between her job, her community volunteer work and spending time with her family – but Barbara was experiencing increased pain in her hip affecting the quality of her life. After a successful hip replacement surgery, Barbara wasn’t interested in going to a rehabilitation facility, she wanted to recover at home and she requested to go home with All Care VNA. After three days in the hospital, Barbara was discharged home and admitted to All Care VNA where she began her rehabilitation.

All Care’s Interdisciplinary Services

All Care’s team of experienced Registered Nurses (RN) and Physical and Occupational Therapists (PT/OT) developed an individualized care plan for Barbara to recover at home.


  • RN visits were provided 1-2 times a week.
  • RNs monitored her vital signs, pain level, medication use, and healing of her incision to ensure there were no post-operative complications.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

  • PT and OT visits provided 3 times a week.
  • PTs created an individualized home exercise program and guided Barbara through a variety of exercises designed to increase her range of motion and improve her strength and balance.
  • OTs provided useful tools to help Barbara with her activities of daily living


Initially using a walker to ambulate after her surgery, Barbara quickly graduated to a cane, and in less than six weeks required no assistance at all. Barbara’s remarkable progress with All Care allowed her to regain full mobility and return to work in less than 12 weeks after her total hip replacement surgery. Her doctor was so pleased after Barbara’s first follow up visit that he said, “You’re doing great, see you in a year!”

While facing any joint replacement surgery may seem daunting, All Care VNA is able to guide you through your rehabilitation at home. If you or a family member will be undergoing a joint replacement procedure and want to recover at home remember to request All Care VNA for your rehabilitation services.


Hip Replacement Care Team

Barbara Kulevich, RN of Marblehead top left, smiles with her VNA team, Amy Lippa, RN top right of Swampscott, Eileen Cohn, OT, bottom left of Reading, and Jessica O’Gorman, PT bottom right of Swampscott