This year three All Care Home Health Aides were nominated for the annual HHA Award and one Scheduler for the Scheduler/Coordinator Award.

Awilda Medina, HHA North Andover

Nominated for the 2011 Hilda Larocca Award

Awilda is an outstanding HHA who has been a saving grace to us on many occasions. She has an enormous amount of work ethic. She never complains and always tries to help out when she is able. She early accepts difficult assignments and is very competent at her job.

Awilda is flexible and accommodating to the needs of All Care Resources and our clients. She has such a positive and caring attitude along with great skills.

We are very lucky to have Awilda as our employee for these last four years. She is a rare gem who makes the lives of many clients a little brighter and she is dedicated to helping others who cannot help themselves.

Marian Jamieson, HHA Lynn

Nominated for the 2011 Hilda Larocca Award

Marian has been with the company for over 17 years. She has worked many years as lead aide in supportive housing and is presently a highly valued staff aide. As the lead aide, many acknowledged that it was Marion’s strong team building and organization skills, her resourceful leadership and effective communication that contributed greatly to an effective and well-run supportive site with well cared for clients. Clients and staff alike constantly sang her praises and shared their appreciation for Marion.

As a staff aide, Marian is the go-to-person when there is a challenging or complex case needed just the right fit. Marian brings not only excellent skills and abilities to her role but a deep compassion, respect and caring for her clients and a strong commitment to excellence.

Marian is always smiling and keeps a positive, optimistic attitude- even in the toughest situations. Marian uses her long-time experience and newly acquired learning to provide the highest quality care for her clients.

Sue Branga, Staff HHA Lynn

Nominated for the 2011 Home Care Star Award

There as no pause for consideration of whom All Care should recognize as the best and brightest in the home care field – Sue immediately comes to mind. Sue has been with All Care for more than 22 years. She has spent these years providing exceptional service to her clients while remaining committed to excellence in all she does. Sue has stellar and diverse career as a HHA that includes her roles at both mentor and HHA Educator Assistant.

Sue is known for her creative ability to meet any and all needs to her clients, no matter how challenging or remarkable that client may be. Sue is committed to teaching, training, and gladly mentoring new HHA’s to equip them in providing the best possible care.

Even after 22 years of service, Sue remains upbeat and positive, always smiling and always adhering to the “gold-standard of excellence” in care and customer service.

Linda Lamoureaux, Scheduler North Andover

Nominated for the 2011 Carlen McGoldrick Kenney Scheduler/Coordinator Award

Linda has worked for All Care for 11 years. She has a great sense of humor, which is a necessity in her position. She is calm and professional every day and even when dealing with difficult people. She treats everyone with respect and kindness.

Linda does spend the majority of her day on the telephone and has the keen sense not to rush people when they call and allow more time for a conversation. She has sincere compassion and. Linda is resourceful and has excellent problem solving skills. She is highly regarded by her coworkers and is an asset to All Care. We are pleased to nominate Linda for this wonderful award!

CONGRATULATIONS to Awilda Medina, Marian Jamieson, Sue Branga and Linda Lamoureaux!