On the evening of July 13, 2017 the All Care Hospice and Bereavement Program held a Summer Service of Remembrance at the Lynn office.  Over one hundred All Care families, staff and community members gathered together to remember and to seek comfort.  The service provided an opportunity to reflect and honor through poetry, music and special rituals lead by different Hospice staff members.  The women’s chorus, Voices Rising, graced us with their amazing gifts of song and presence.

Attendees were also invited to contribute to a commemorative weaving during the reception.  Individuals, of all ages, added a personal piece of fabric and/or ribbon in honor of someone special that died. Textiles, of different colors and textures, were gently woven together to create a unified tapestry of love and legacy. This commemorative weaving is now completed and being displayed in the All Care office.

Thank you to all the individuals that attended and volunteered their time and/or support to this important event. The courage, care and commitment of those involved rippled forth and created not only a safe and accepting space, but one that felt vibrant with love and hope. 

“Even with broken threads, a new cloth can be woven, of love, memory, connection and understanding
in the circle of weavers.”             

– Excerpt from a reading at the Service of Remembrance. Adapted from Elizabeth Morris in “Storytellers in the Circle of Weavers”.