Nine months ago, I began an experience that would prove to be inspiring and life altering. At the time of accepting the All Care Hospice internship, I had not yet fully understood the scope of hospice and bereavement work. These past several months have proved to be the most rewarding and challenging that I have ever experienced. With the guidance of my supervisor, Liz Mearkle-Cumming, and the many other clinicians I’ve had the honor to work besides, I’ve learned to treasure the moments of light and find hope in all phases of life.

I am grateful for many facets of these past several months, at the center of which are the hospice patients, the relationships formed and successes earned through patience and fortitude by both patient and clinician were invaluable. But none of these opportunities would exist but for the ongoing and caring support provided by each and every member of the All Care family. This is a group of professionals who embody the term caregivers. Your contributions enabled the patient to be physically and mentally able to participate in my art therapy process. It was your approach to caring for the patients and managing the challenges that I found myself mirroring. The gentle presence you provided to each individual reflected a compassion not often seen. The gift of focused attention assumed a respect to the dignity of each hospice patient. I saw each interaction between you and patient as one,

rather than one of many. The lessons I have learned from all of you are profound and will last a lifetime.  Thank you for your thoughtful kindness and support, and for encouraging my growth as I learned along the way. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity bestowed upon me by the All Care Hospice family and in particular for Liz’s guidance along the way.

Brianna Babick

Lesley Art Therapy Graduate

All Care Hospice and Bereavement Program Intern