All of the Bereavement Programs from All Care Hospice have been developed by a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Registered Art Therapist with extensive experience facilitating and developing grief support services around the state of MA.  All programs offer participants readings and education in addition to a unique, experiential and supportive group/ workshop experience. Registration is required for participation in all programs, which are FREE and OPEN to the community.


The following are some NEW offerings from the All Care Bereavement Program.  Call Bereavement Coordinator, Liz Mearkle-Cumming, ATR, LMHC at 781-244-1198 with all inquiries and/ or to register.  Space is limited and further info will be provided during registration.  Stay up to date on our programs by checking our website at www.allcare.org or inquire about being added to our confidential email list.