hospice staff

DPH arrived unannounced on 4/15/15 and began their 4 day survey. These four days included interviews with patients, interviews with staff, joint visits, record reviews, reviews of our policies and procedures, etc. We are proud to say that the surveyors did not highlight any issues or have any recommendations for All Care Hospice and has deemed this survey to be Deficiency Free! All Care is proud every day of all employees, we are happy to be recognized by the Department of Public Health for our compliance, documentation, and ability to set and meet customized goals of care for people and families dealing with end-of-life challenges.


The surveyors were very impressed with All Care’s dedication to provide education to the community on the hospice benefit. They also found that the hospice team members excelled at “painting the interdisciplinary picture,” noting the patient journey and hospice experience was perfectly documented.


During joint visits with RNs Tori Sullivan and Michele Tedoldi, Social Worker Deb Amato, and Home Health Aides Kitty Williams and Pixie Lee Berman, the DPH surveyors heard many accolades from patients for their hospice team.  Patients described their teams as compassionate, dedicated, and committed. A special thanks to Melissa Crowley, who drove the surveyor to her joint visits. Interviews were also conducted with Home Health Aides Maruerita Bernardo and Carolyn Brusin, Chaplain Lucy Ticknor, Bereavement Coordinator Siobhan Mahoney, Volunteer Coordinator Bailey Potter, and Volunteers Margaret Smith and Judith Rotiroti to review regulations and compliance; the surveyors had no recommendations and were exceedingly satisfied with the skill, knowledge base, and compassion of all disciplines involved with the hospice team.

It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.

– Tony Robbins –