By Meaghan Casey
The Connector Summer 2011

As a wife, mother, teacher and social worker, Virginia Morgan has dedicated her life to caring for others. Now, at 92, it is finally time for someone to step in and take care of her. “The energy that was driving me for so long just isn’t there anymore,” she said. “I need people to do things for me.”
That’s where All Care Resources comes in. All Care’s award-winning, private-duty nurses, home health aides and homemakers are available to help clients like Virginia remain happy, healthy and safe in their own homes. Whether a person needs assistance with personal care, housekeeping, meal preparation, companionship, medication management or case management, All Care can provide a customized elder care package to help each client live his or her life to the fullest.
Virginia and her husband, Dick, 90, enrolled with All Care Resources a few months ago. Virginia is medicated for atrial fibrillation, the most common cardiac arrhythmia. Dick suffers from retinal degeneration and is hard of hearing. He also had an appendectomy six months ago, and All Care VNA nurses were sent in to help with the recovery process. “That’s when I started realizing all of the things All Care could do for us,” said Virginia.
The couple now utilizes housekeeping and meal preparation through All Care Resources. A homemaker comes in once a week to help strip the bed, and a home health aide prepares meals every night.
“It’s a terrible burden when you’re responsible for everything in the house,” said Virginia. “I used to have someone come in once a month to do the heavy cleaning, but otherwise, I took care of the bills, the housework, the meals. I don’t know how I did it all. It’s such a relief not to hit mid-afternoon and say, ‘what are we having for supper?’ To have dinner prepared every night and to have someone come in and do the things that you can’t do anymore – in the way you’d like them done – is so wonderful.”
“When I went to see how the Morgans were doing, I realized the difficulty Mrs. Morgan was having with her medications and Mr. Morgan was having with his breathing,” said Roger Kowlakowski, All Care Resources community liaison. “I put in a call to the referral department at All Care VNA to help this wonderful couple with their medical and home care needs.”
Not only does an All Care VNA nurse come in to evaluate the couple weekly, but Dick now has physical therapy once a week, and Virginia has it twice a week, to help with circulation and range of motion.
Virginia says the private-pay services are a welcome alternative to the high costs of assisted living. “One place we were interested in was $5,000 a month – for just one of us,” she said. “There’s no way we could do that. Plus, because Dick’s family built this house, he doesn’t really want to leave.”  “I’m grateful for All Care,” said Virginia. “It’s wonderful to have this option of still living in the house where we raised our boys, and where Dick himself grew up, and knowing we’re not on our own.”
There are many options available when dealing with an illness, the aging process or end-of-life decisions. Let All Care help you navigate your home care choices by finding services that are right for you through its VNA, Hospice or Private Pay Division.
For more information, visit www.allcare.org or call 781-598-7066.
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