Hospice Thanksgiving DinnersOne of All Care’s favorite holiday traditions is delivering Thanksgiving meals to a few of our hospice families. While the holidays can be challenging for all families with loved ones nearing the end of life, for some it can be even more difficult.

This year we were honored to share a meal with Jean and her daughter, Ellen. Ellen just recently lost her husband and she said at times the grief feels all-consuming. She’s anticipating this holiday season to be particularly difficult, and while it would be easy to let her sadness take over, Ellen is Jean’s primary caregiver and it’s just not possible. She mentioned to All Care’s social worker that Jean has spent her 93 years of life caring for others and now it’s her turn to care for her.

Another patient, Francisco, found himself struggling when serious illness prevented him from working. With limited resources and no family to support and care for him, Francisco considered himself incredibly fortunate when his dear friend invited him to stay with her in her family’s home. With few ways to express just how much her friendship and compassion has meant to him, Francisco was truly touched when All Care offered to host their Thanksgiving meal.

While we wish this was something we could do for all our patients and families, knowing we helped ease the holiday pressure for a few is a gift. Thank you to our supporters and donors, it is only because of you that things like this are possible.