Ten years ago, a motorcycle accident forever changed the lives of a California family, resulting in a son’s debilitating brain injury, and for a mother, the start of a complicated caregiver’s journey.

Jinnie, in the extended wake of her son’s injuries, made the informed decision to move from California to Massachusetts in an effort to broaden the services available for her son (Massachusetts boasts the nation’s best appropriate programs), as well the socialization her son requires to lead the best life possible –happy, healthy and fulfilling.

Matthew, a graduate of Southern California University, was a talented graphic designer prior to his accident. Today he is wheelchair bound and nonverbal, and relies on Jinnie for all his needs. Matthew communicates freely through mouthing, expressive smiles and bright eyes, and he is active, fun and engaging – despite overcoming a major health obstacle when in 2018 he successfully received a kidney donated by his uncle.

All Care Programs Provide Key Support

Jinnie and Matthew know very well the “All” in All Care stands for all homecare services available — under one roof. Tended to by All Care visiting nurses post-kidney transplant surgery, Matthew is also a client of both the All Care Adult Foster Care program and All Care Adult Day Health Center, and these “anchor” programs help to serve as his primary care.

The All Care Adult Foster Care program has allowed Jinnie to care for Matthew in their home since 2016, and for her to receive funding to do so – both aspects essential in providing the best quality of care and outcomes for Matthew. Jinnie and Matthew’s All Care Adult Foster Care team consists of a nurse, Bethany and social worker, Tia, who together implement, oversee and assess the family’s care plan. Bethany serves as a clinical expert for Matthew and Jinnie’s well-being, providing specialized medical assessments and educational support. Tia provides psychosocial support through meaningful engagement. She helps to identify and address their individual needs and coordinates the appropriate resource(s). Currently, Tia is working with Jinnie to strategize long-term goals for Matthew’s care, and to investigate the options available.

A client of the All Care Adult Day Health Center in Chelmsford since 2018, Matthew spends his day with structured activities, is involved with music (he was a former guitar player) and socializes with friends he has made. Matthew loves to use the IPAD, and visual games are his favorite.

Obstacles, Faith and a Zest for Life

Jinnie is the epitome of advocacy, and Matthew her inspiration. Much like Matthew’s grit, evident in his wall climb image — together, he and Jinnie look to life and the peaks and valleys they encounter, with a positive outlook that is rooted in their faith. Jinnie cites, “Faith gives me the courage” and it is her faith that sustains her, and helps her to cope, rejuvenate and provide the best care possible for her son.

Michele Metzler, MSW, LICSW heads the All Care Adult Foster Care program, and she is confident this program is a healthcare solution many families and caregivers will embrace. “I am proud to play a role in keeping families like Jinnie and Matthew well served, together, and at home where the best and most loving outcomes for quality of care are realized.”

Jinnie and Matthew Matthew rock climbing Jinnie and Matthew parade