I developed a real friendship with my first client which I will always treasure.  I didn’t change her life or prognosis but she did have something to look forward to that she didn’t have before our time together.  This was the most fulfilling part of my week.  We would catch up on celebrity gossip, politics and her neighbors.  She would talk about the things and places she loved. She was living every moment past and present.  I think both of us enjoyed the visits.  I’d guess I enjoyed them more than she realized.  She helped me grow, be more patient and grateful.  She was a wise and realistic woman.

Hospice is about a sick person being able to be a person instead of being their illness.  The best advice I received was to leave my ego and expectations at the door, to meet the client where they are at and not where I think they should be.

I knew I wanted to volunteer but not sure if hospice was what I was suited for.  After meeting my wonderful understanding coordinator and going through the training, I still wasn’t sure if it was for me.  I was scared and didn’t feel like I had anything to give but, after my initial encounter, I knew it was where I belonged.