Even though I had passed by the All Care office many times, it was not until I decided I wanted to pursue a career in Hospital Administration that I thought of volunteering here. When I started volunteering in the All Care Office in February of 2016, I must admit that I was nervous since I had never volunteered before and was not sure about what would be expected of me.  After meeting with Maureen Burge and going through training about the history of hospice and how All Care helps so many people around the region, I was excited to begin my tasks. I was introduced to Sandra, Marion and Susan in Medical Records, three women that I soon would be looking forward to seeing every week. My job is to file medical records, and to occasionally assemble folders. Even though filing paperwork may seem like a concrete task, to me it symbolizes my part in helping patients. I do not directly meet with patients but through my small contribution I believe I make a difference. I also believe that a big part of my love for volunteering at All Care is that I am always told how much I am appreciated. I always thought that I do not do much but now I realize that every bit of help is needed. Another aspect of me being so happy to volunteer is the kindness and warmth I receive by the staff. First of all from Maureen Burge, my volunteer coordinator who I see every week before I head down to the medical record offfice. She is very friendly and asks me about school, plans and my college search.It is so nice to know that each volunteer is known on a personal level. As for the three women I mentioned above, every week I am excited to see them and talk about any plans I have, current events, share stories from school as well as hearing about anything new that they tell me.