On the evening of July 21, 2016 the All Care Hospice and Bereavement Program held a Summer Service of Remembrance at the All Care office in Lynn, MA. Ninety All Care families, staff and community members gathered together find comfort in a safe place of remembering. The service provided an opportunity to reflect and honor the deceased through readings and special rituals lead by different Hospice staff members. The women’s chorus, Voices Rising (www.voicesrising.org), gifted all in attendance with their beautiful song and presence. Their performance was moving and unforgettable.


Attendees were also invited to contribute to a commemorative weaving during the roof top reception. Individuals, of all ages, added a ribbon in honor of someone special that died. After the service the weaving was available to All Care staff for further remembrances. During the reception and the following weeks, ribbons, of different colors and textures, were gently woven together to create a unified tapestry of love, memory, connection and understanding. The process for creating this piece was meaningful for those involved and the finished product is a true symbol of the heart of hospice- Love coming together to create care, comfort, beauty and grace.


As our All Care teams continue to serve those in need we remember those we cared for, companioned and continue to support. It is an honor for this Remembrance Service weaving to now be displayed in the All Care Hospice office. It will continue to be honored and treasured by all that experience its beauty and uniqueness. Deep gratitude to all that found the courage to attend and participate in our Summer Service of Remembrance and weaving ritual.


With deep gratitude,


Liz Mearkle-Cumming, ATR, LMHC

All Care Bereavement Coordinator and Registered Art Therapist