A local man and a Florida woman, living 1,400 miles apart, each have peace of mind, caring for their loved one at home.

Peter & Louise Anderson have been married over 30 years and live in Wilmington MA.

In 1986, at age 36, Louise was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. “The disease progressed gradually,” said Peter. “The first five years were almost symptom free. In 1991 Louise began using a cane; eventually she needed a wheelchair. One time, transferring Louise out of the chair, I fell and broke two ribs. Still, I continued to care for her on my own.”

All-Care-help-phone-call-awayBy 2004, Peter is still working full-time, caring for Louise, doing the daily tasks of cooking and housekeeping, and coming home for lunch knowing that Louise could not manage on her own. “It became evident that I needed support when I ended up in the hospital with COPD complications,” said Peter. “Louise required a higher level of in-home care than I could provide myself.” It was then that Peter’s physician referred him to All Care Resources, the private care affiliate of All Care.

“From the start,” said Peter, “All Care Resources has been wonderful. They improved our lives ten-times over.” Nine times a week, ACR home health aides come to the Anderson’s home to help Louise with mobility, bathing and dressing. They assist Peter with housekeeping and laundry. “They’re here for both of us,” said Peter. “They do more in one hour than I can do in four. They’ve changed our lives for the better. It’s hard to imagine how we ever got along without them.”

“All Care Resources gives me a tremendous sense of relief,” said Peter. “When I was at work, just knowing they were there to care for Louise, granted me peace of mind.”

“I’m retired now,” said Peter, “and All Care Resources remains a big part of our lives. For one thing, I can’t handle everything my own, but I also want the best for Louise, and All Care Resources is the very best there is. “

For his entire career, Peter worked in hospitals. He observed time and again that elder patients don’t fare well in hospitals, but seem to “bounce back” once they get home.” With the help of All Care Resources, Peter is determined to keep Louise safe at home. “A nursing home is not an option for us,” he said.

Patti T. lives in Port St. Lucie, Florida, 1,400 miles away from her cousin, Jane.*

“Growing up,” said Patti, “Jane and I were together constantly. She was the sister I never had.”

Years flew by. The cousins moved apart, lost touch, then reconnected. “When I asked Jane to visit me in Florida,” said Patti, “I was dismayed to see how fragile she had become. It was obvious Jane needed help to remain living at home, and I made the decision to find home health care services for her when she returned to her home in Massachusetts.”

“I made numerous calls to home care agencies in the Greater Boston area, but didn’t get a good feeling about any of them. When I called All Care and spoke with them, I knew right away from their tone of voice, their compassion and the way they answered my questions that All Care was the right home care agency for Jane, and for me. This was over a year ago, and have never doubted my decision for a second.”

Jane receives in-home care through All Care Resources. “Linda Repoli, LPN, takes care of Jane, and she’s absolutely wonderful,” says Patti. “An All Care home health aide, whom Jane adores, visits 2-3 times a week to help with housekeeping and companionship, but Linda is the primary caregiver. Linda helps Jane bathe and dress, oversees her medications, helps keep her home safe and accompanies her to doctors appointments. Jane and Linda’s relationship is much more than ‘client and employee,’ it has evolved into a genuine friendship.”

“For me,” continued Patti, “living out of state is not a problem. Linda is my eyes and ears since I can’t be there myself. She’s an advocate for Jane and communicates directly with her primary care physician to describe symptoms for treatment recommendations. I trust her explicitly. Linda and I are in-touch constantly by phone and e-mail so I am always aware of Jane’s condition and the care she receives.”

Has the quality of her cousin’s life improved with services from All Care Resources? “Yes, yes, and yes again!” said Patti. “Since receiving All Care Resources services and having Linda Repoli in her life, Jane’s health is much better. She’s also more content and communicative. The peace of mind I feel, just knowing that Jane is getting the best care possible, is indescribable because its like a gift from God.”

Patti highly recommends All Care to anyone in need home care services. “It doesn’t matter if you live in the same city, state, or across the country. If your loved one needs home care, choose All Care. You can count on them to be there. They’re only a phone call away.”

Established in 1911, All Care serves the North Shore, Greater Boston and Merrimack Valley communities. For more information on services through All Care VNA, Hospice or Resources Private Care, please call 781.598.7066, or visit us on the web at www.allcare.org.