Competency Quiz 2020
The single most important infection prevention activity that home care staff can practice is *
Hand washing with soap and water, should take approximately *
Alcohol-based hand rubs (ABHRs) are an effective means of decreased the transmission of bacterial pathogens, but must contain at least *
Multiple opportunities for hand hygiene can occur during a visit, when should hand washing occur with soap and water *
What are the clinical indications for use of Alcohol-based hand rubs (ABHRs): *
ABHRs should stay wet on your hands for approximately how long if you used the right amount? *
What items should be included in your clean section of your All Care bag? *
Home care staff should not bring their All Care bag into the patient’s home when the *
Your All Care bag should be placed on a visibly clean, dry surface in the patient’s home. Where can you place your bag? Select all that apply: *
The following PPE is required to be worn at every visit (expect COVID positive patients) per All Care’s Policy *
The technique to remove a mask for reuse is: Perform hand hygiene prior to removing mask. Handling it by the loops, place removed surgical masks into a designated paper bag, exposed side down, then use hand hygiene. *
Removed PPE that has NOT been soiled or damaged may be re-used by a single wearer
When removing your goggles or face shield, grab the strap and pull upwards and away from your head
Following the CDC’s guidelines, when do you don PPE for a COVID positive patient? *
Performing hand hygiene after removing each piece of PPE is required *